Artist Statement

              I firmly believe that when we truly connect with our inner selves, we are capable of unleashing tremendous power and ability, experiencing both the piercing highs of achieving the ultimate, and simultaneously feeling that so special roundness of satisfaction and peace at having come full circle to completion. This is living on the edge, and the art of LIVING.

               It is in this finely tuned existence that art happens. It is in this realm of awareness, communication, blending, of sharing, ….. where mountain peaks pierce the heavens, and the seas touch the sky, where spirits kiss, and souls commune, …. that art is born. Here is where I am happiest. Here is where I am fulfilled.

             As an artist, I have immense appreciation for being able to visualize and experience in that inner most part of us, the absolute culmination of all the senses___ breathing it in, shaping it, focusing or defusing it, to the effect that one finds it most evoking, and then being able to capture and express it visually…. to the point of RE-EXPERIENCING. The painting process for me is more like sculpting, or actually, a birthing.  This capacity to SHARE so accurately what one uniquely sees and feels, that is the art. Being able, with what we have created, to reawaken a memory, bring back an experience, or perhaps, in the precious case of portraiture, being able to share company time and again with someone we cherish. ….. THAT is my goal and gratification as an artist !

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