Pricing for Non –Commissioned Paintings   

Prices of non-commissioned paintings vary depending on the amount of time invested, material used, and the difficulty of the painting process. Water reflections, architecture, people and animals, in fact many things are far more difficult to paint than, say, an open prairie, or a pair of trees against a cloudless sky.  Achieving depth, mood, temperature, movement, just the right light so as to feel the warmth, or the shiver….. these are all goals which we try to create with just the right composition, proportion,  gesture, and color.  A good painting goes beyond recording, it creates atmosphere.

Landscapes and other subject matter like still life, can be very difficult, however,  unless it is a commissioned piece, it  is not nearly as exacting, demanding or difficult as a portrait.  Therefore there is a different and lower, price scale for non-portrait and non-commissioned painting.         

Below you will find a general price guide based on size. There is a range span taking into consideration material, time and the intricacy of the painting. The prices below are all beginning prices. If a painting is difficult and time consuming, the prices will be higher.

Beginning Prices:           



Prices do not include framing, or shipping/insuring costs.

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