Portrait Commissions and Fees

A portrait is a gift that keeps on giving. It is a commemoration..... of love, of respect, of gratitude, of a job well done. Commissioning a portrait is a statement of valuing, and of appreciation. Having a portrait painted is saying........ I want to keep you here forever and ever. I want generations yet to come to know you, speak of you, ..... and for you to be there watching over them.

Portraiture is a very demanding and precise art form. The painting of a portrait is the visual rendering of an individual's personal history. It is a chronicling of someone's life through the perfect depiction of inherited features, time gathered creases of a furrowed brow, from concentration, determination, or frowns, laughter or smiles. Chosen lifestyles are revealed with skin paler, blush, or burn. Dignity, the exuding of power, self-awareness, or even the preference for aloneness or shy retreat.... all can be captured with gesture and pose. Humor, sensuality, vulnerability, and so many individual traits, surface thru the handling of facial features and stance. Especially thru the eyes, intelligence and how one sees and embraces life, can all be communicated there.

With exact and creative handling of composition, light and shadow, a good portrait artist breathes LIFE into their subject, giving a glimpse into spirit and character. There is a sharing, a knowingness. ...... a unique life is communicated, history is told.

Below are price ranges. Canvas size varies with the compositional preference. All portraits are painted in oil on linen unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon. There is an increase in price with additional figures or specifically requested backgrounds within the same composition, ranging from 20% to 75 %. Sales tax, framing, and shipping are not included in the price of the portrait . If travel is required, transportation and lodging are reimbursable expenses.

Generally, I like to meet , photograph, and get to know the person who's portrait I am painting. However, I do make exceptions occasionally under special circumstances, and then work only from a series of photographs.

A non refundable deposit of 25% of the agreed total cost of the portrait price is required at the time that the contract is signed prior to the beginning of the portrait. The balance is due in full with the acceptance of the portrait. If the painting is especially large and complicated, an additional 25% of the agreed total cost may be due during the painting of the portrait, and a mid viewing, and/or sitting, may be required.

Head, or Head and Shoulders:
Inches: 12 x 9, c12x16, c16x20, c18x22, c18x24 Monochromatic : $600. - $1,250.
In cm: 24x30, c30x40, c40x50, c40x60. c50x60 Full Color : $900. - $2,500.


Three Quarter sitting or standing :
Inches: c16x20, c20x24, c20x28, c24x32 Monochromatic : $ 1,250. - $ 2,500
In cm: c40x50, c50x60, c50x70, c60x80 Full Color : $ 2,250 - $ 3,800


Full Body, Standing or Seated :
c28x40 inches ( 70cm x 100cm ) and up Monochromatic : begins at $ 2,800.
Full Color : Begins at $ 4,250.




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